'The Event': Everyone's tense, things blow up, and Sean's in France


Say this for "The Event" on Monday (March 28): It looked lovely. The episode (called "Face Off") was directed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, and as you might expect from a man who's worked with Steven Spielberg on a dozen movies, it had a more cinematic sweep than the show usually does.But that's the Paula Abdul-on-"American Idol" way of backing into what I really thought of the episode, which is not much. It's getting pretty difficult to track where characters' motives lie week to week, and in a show that's otherwise built heavily on plot momentum, that's a big flaw. Consistent characterization is the way through a story where everything else is in service of what happens next, and that's not happening right now on "The Event."We get, President Martinez, that you're tired of being a step behind Sophia and her cohorts, and we really get that something like the destruction of the Washington Monument...



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