Harry's Law Review: "With Friends Like These"

When Harry goes up against Peyton, you know sparks are going to fly. In "With Friends Like These," though, when these two squared off for the third time, a lot more than sparks were flew around the court room.

As Harry said, there are not many people grumpier than her. District Attorney Josh Peyton is one of those people, however, and the chemistry between the two of them has always been one of the best things about the show. When you put Kathy Bates on screen with Paul McCrane - who does an amazing job playing the hard-nosed, fast-talking, by-the-book jackhole D.A. - you get some of the best scenes to date.

This week was not exception, as Peyton went absolutely bat-crap-crazy when he lost to Harry... again! Watching Peyton strip his clothes off while berating the jury about its lack of upholding the law made me laugh so hard I had to rewind the DVR to actually hear what he was saying. I still haven’t gotten it all. Read More...



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