True Blood - You'll be the Death of Me

That was a seriously action packed season finale.

*Episode Specific Spoilers*

Still convinced he's an amnesiac serial killer, Jason sits in his jail cell, ruminating to Rene about who should get his various possessions. Sookie shows up, telling her dimwitted sibling to shut his pie hole before he gets himself in any more trouble. She also happens to mention that she's close to finding out who the real killer is; A bit of information Rene finds quite intriguing. Later, a member of The Fellowship of the Rising Sun (which sounds one part Tolkien, one part cheesy Japanese flick) drops by J's cell for a congratulatory visit. Turns out the church members were so tickled by the murders of those fangbanging girls, they started a legal fund in honor of the killer. More True Blood



Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 7:21PM EST

Comon, buddy, put a spoiler alert!

Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 9:22PM EST

blessedbe, I've put up a spoiler alert per your request, even though all the visible text happens in the first 5 minutes. I also figured folks would know it had information about the episode since it is posted in "reviews" and has the title of the episode in the title section.

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