Nurse Jackie Says 'Game On' In Season 3 Premiere – Recap

Some interventions just don’t take. And addicts can twist the simplest fact into a pretzel. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jackie’s response to her husband Kevin’s interrogation about her pharmacy purchases was a litany of explanations and complaints that neatly explained away her guilt.

But no matter how glib her cover up, Jackie’s still got some ‘splaining  to do. Let’s see – she’s addicted to pain killers, having an affair with a co-worker, is coping with a child with mental issues, has taken money from a rich co-worker/friend for her kid’s education even though the father doesn’t want her to, and has a secret post office box where the incoming mail consists of missives that could expose several lies. Oh yeah, and no one at work knows she is married at all! Now that, my friends, is some skilled truth juggling!

And to top it all off, Jackie is an ER nurse, in a hospital and society where regulations, economics, and the sheer volume of misery would sink the average person. Small wonder she needs a little pharmaceutical help to get through most days. Read More...


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