'The United States Of Tara' Season 3 Premiere - Recap

Season Three’s opener ‘youwillnotwin’ reintroduces us to the Gregson’s, a typical American family, as long as the typical American family’s 2.5 kids has a .5 component of multiple altered personalities.  Well, it’s really the mom that has the alters, but you get the drift.

These alters include Alice, the 50’s housewife, T, the out of control teen, Chicken, Tara’s 5 year old self, Buck, the male redneck biker, and Shoshanna, the therapist. They haven’t been seen in months, or so Tara believes. Tara’s son, Neil, is in the midst of his first real love affair with Lionel, while her daughter, Kate, a whole lot of personality wrapped up in just one mixed up teenager, struggles to find her own place in the world. Tara’s husband, Max, struggles with not only his wife’s extreme psychological problems, but his own need for some sort of rational suburban life. And Tara’s sister, Charmaine, pregnant by a man she feels she cannot love, has just been left at the altar by the man she does claim to love. As if that isn’t enough familial chaos, Tara’s mother revealed at the aborted wedding that Charmaine and Tara also have a brother, Bryce, who’s previous existence was never mentioned. Read More...



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