5 Reasons Why “Tiva” Should Never Happen [NCIS]

To say that I’m a big fan of NCIS is probably the biggest understatement ever.

I may not have watched from the moment the pilot aired but once I found it, I caught up fast and have been with it ever since. I’ve seen every episode multiple times and I’ve even penned a few gen fanfics (generic fanfiction stories – meaning they weren’t romantic in nature).

So when I say that I don’t ever want "Tiva" (aka Tony and Ziva as a couple) to happen, know that I’m saying it purely from love. Love for both Tony and Ziva and especially, love for the entire show. As much as I enjoy the teasing and the flirting, and despite the fact that I giggled along with the rest of the audience when the two of them had to fake sex with each other as part of a case, I don’t ever want it to go any farther than that.

There are many, many reasons that I can think of for why "Tiva" should never happen, but here are just a few. Read More...



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