BEING HUMAN “Going Dutch” Review

BEING HUMAN "Going Dutch" Episode 11 – The only constant is change, and our instinct is to resist. Change doesn’t care if you love it or hate it, and it will not be denied. So we begin our stroll into BEING HUMAN. Darkness is slowly falling, and the city is "Going Dutch". Aidan has kept his word and joined with Bishop, but he has plans of his own. Nora might be pregnant and Sally is having a few problems when her ex appears with an "exterminator"—make that an exorcist.

It is just getting worse and worse for these three isn’t it?

The Dutch do not approve of Bishop’s plan to go "public". Of course, they found out because Marcus told them, the creep. Poor Josh is having nightmares of parenthood, even though Aidan sees it as his one chance to grab a normal life. And Sally is suffering. Really suffering.

"Going Dutch" was one of those episodes that had me completely breathless. Each thread of the story was so compelling I wanted it to go on, but then, wanted to know what was happening to the others too. If I could have managed three TVs showing the three stories at the same time, it would have been perfect. Yes, it was that good, no… not good, amazing. There are long term ramifications for each of our roommates, and, oh, my heart goes out to all of them. Read More...


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