30 Rock: A hip-breaking, confession-filled Christmas Special

Episode Specific SPOILERS

Liz Lemon is on a mission. She's advocating for the Letters to Santa program, giving gifts to poor kids who send their lists to the jolliest man of all. Like most worthwhile things we do as adults, this mission is driven by parental rejection and the compulsive need for praise. Oh, and to do good, or whatever. Instead of buying a set of hot wheels and a basketball, Liz gets a cartload of high-priced electronics. And an animatronic black Santa (every household should have at least one). Tracy and DotCom tell her they'll go with her to drop the presents off since it's a bad part of town. Two grouchy men open the door and take the gift wagon of overcompensation, without so much as a word of extolment or an impromptu Thank-You-White-Lady photo shoot. Tracy says, "What's the past tense for scam? Is it scrumped? Liz Lemon I think you just got scrumped."

Now Liz is on another mission ...more


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