'CSI:NY,' '$#*! My Dad Says,' 'Mad Love': Keep 'em or kill 'em?


When it comes time to put together a schedule for the 2011-12 season, CBS will once again have the high-class problem of having to cut a couple of decently rated shows in order to make room for new series. The network's health is such that it can let go of shows (think "Ghost Whisperer" and "Without a Trace" in the past couple of seasons) with ratings that other networks would be glad to have. It's likely going to happen again this year, which means that fans of shows like "CSI: NY" and "$#*! My Dad Says" might have some reason to sweat.("The Good Wife's" ratings have also dipped some this year, but our feeling is that as a younger show that's also attractive Emmy bait, it's safer than some others on this list.)So as Bubble Watch 2011 continues, we ask you: Which of these shows would you keep, and which would you send packing? Vote...



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