Castle 3.19 "Law & Murder" Review

The good thing about Castle is that even when the show delivers what could pass as a filler episode, it is still great. "Law & Murder" wasn’t the best episode ever, but for once, I was actually interested in the case and, despite the many twists and turns (and the mile long list of suspects), I found that it was very carefully thought out and I didn’t feel lost, as I have in the past with other cases.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not into the whole Court House, judges, lawyers and trials thing. I have been trying to watch The Good Wife – which is a fantastic, brilliantly written show – for months and only just finished the first season this weekend. I try, but I am just not interested in it at all. So kudos to the Castle writers for actually grabbing my attention with this case.

There weren’t any major developments in this episode, but I have to say I am thrilled that they finally gave Alexis a decent storyline. She has been grossly underused this season – and so have Lanie and Captain Montgomery – and it felt like she was just there to sometimes give Castle the insight he needed to break the case. So it was great to delve a little deeper into his relationship with his daughter. Read More...


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