'Lights Out' 1.12 'Sucker Punch' Advance Review

There's a bittersweet feeling that comes with watching this week's Lights Out, the first after the announcement of the show's cancellation. There are a few fickle viewers out there, I'm sure, who've thrown in the towel on the boxing drama as a result. I'm here to tell you that to do so would be a mistake.

"Sucker Punch," the penultimate episode of the series, reads exactly like a classic finishing episode. On the eve of his championship fight with Raymond "Death Row" Reynolds, Patrick "Lights" Leary's estranged mother rolls into town, wanting to make amends for her various and sundry mistakes. It's the kind of bad timing only TV could come up with. In the wrong hands, such a plot could be a recipe for a melodramatic train wreck. And there are a few things that are a little bit telegraphed: the delinquent parent charming her way back into the picture, the (perfectly understandable) bitterness amongst Lights' siblings, the one person who doesn't realize that this probably won't end well. We know that this probably won't end well, because we've seen this plot before. Read More...



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