Grey's Anatomy: Beat Your Heart Out - Hugs not Drugs - Featured


A quickened heartbeat can symbolize a number of things. It can be the result of an illness or disease, but most often we associate a racing heart with emotion: fear, panic, love.

Bailey's just returned from a 3 day vacation to find out she's getting promoted. She looks like she's on the verge of collapsing when she gets her first case. A deathly ill child, precisely what she'd like to avoid. Although she has quiet moments of panic, she doesn't let the child see it. She calmly translates Dixon's awkward barrage of medical jargon. And later, talks her through getting stabbed in the chest with a needle so huge it should have had "Acme" written on the side and been administered by a wascally wabbit.

In surgery, it's clear the kid's heart is diseased or, as Dixon tactfully puts it, "finished." Bailey is so upset ...continue reading


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