Contestants 'Hop' To It on 'Biggest Loser'

Kaylee starts the episode off by apologizing to everyone for trying to make things happen the way she wanted to at the last weigh-in. That'll teach you to mess with the working structure of reality television, Kaylee! Moses swiftly chimes in and saves Kaylee's neck by telling everyone that the reason she was so sick of the Ranch was gameplay. He advocates that everyone appreciate their time at the Ranch as much as they possibly can. Everyone immediately forgets their anger at Kaylee and devolves into mumbling about "new beginnings", "fresh starts" and "making the most of opportunities." Smooth move, Moses. 

Fun New Friends!
Alison meets the team in the gym and everyone acts stunned, for the four-millionth time, to see her there. Alison tells them all how far they've come -- 1,118 combined pounds, to be specific. She plays them some footage of them accepting the opportunity to be at the Ranch. Everyone gets emotional when staring at their former selves. I guess this is the first time in a long time they've come face-to-face with what they used to look like.

Then, Alison asks them to think about the twelfth team, the team that didn't make it onto the Ranch. She asks them all to think about the opportunity this team didn't get to have. So then, logically, Alison decides to bring that other team in. It's a testament to how incredibly sick everyone is of the randomness of this season that no one appears surprised or excited by this new change. All the faces just seem set on exhaustion and annoyance. Read More...


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