Teen Mom 2 Finale Redux: Why Do They Keep Going Back to These Losers?!

Oh Jenelle, honey. Join a church, take up meditation, do whatever you need to do to find peace, because the thrill-seeking life you're living right now, with the parties and the loser junkie boyfriends and the itinerant lifestyle? It's just a disaster waiting to happen. Oh wait, the disaster already happened: an arrest on drug and B&E charges, and all the attendant misery. 

Jenelle Evans' release from jail was depicted onscreen in the season one finale of Teen Mom 2, "Judgment Day," along with her panicky recounting of the experience to friend Amber. Jenelle sworn at the time that she was done with Kieffer Delp, but...well, we all know how that turned out. Sigh.

What else went down in the season one finale of Teen Mom 2, and which family member ditched Corey and Leah's wedding? Read More...



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