BODY OF PROOF (ABC) “Pilot” Review

BODY OF PROOF (ABC) "Pilot" Season 1 Episode 1 – I like to sit back and watch a new show for a little while before I start making notes. I want to get to know the characters and get a feel for what it’s about before I even try to jot down my impressions. However it was hard to do that with this one as, right off the bat, our good Dr. Hunt says something that sticks with me: "I’m not most people."

Throughout this pilot it felt like that statement was both a declaration of everything that was right about her, but also everything that was wrong. On the one hand she is obviously brilliant at her job and is admired by many. She does whatever is necessary to solve the murders she is dealt. When she’s told to only observe a witnesses questioning, she does more than that anyway, not caring about getting in trouble, only about how to get to the truth. Read More...


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