THE GOOD WIFE “Killer Song” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Killer Song" Season 2 Episode 18 – After last week’s bombshell was dropped (regarding Kalinda and Peter’s past relationship) this week saw the tailspin that is Kalinda’s secretplummeting slow motion to the ground. The episode opened without music or sound effects, with startling scene changes, until the titular song cut through the silent tension as Kalinda desperately tried to contain her secret past, which is unravelling fast and out of her control.

The case of the week revolved around a woman whose mother was raped, tortured and killed by a man who is now trying to profit off a song he wrote about the crime. It was certainly one of the most innovative cases I’ve seen on television, though I wish the ending had not been so convenient.

I loved that instead of being whacked over the head with a bunch of exposition, the writers focused more on tension building. It’s the first time Kalinda has appeared properly frazzled and though the other characters may have been too preoccupied to confront her about it, they certainly noticed. Read More...


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