TRAFFIC LIGHT “Kiss Me Kate” Review

TRAFFIC LIGHT "Kiss Me Kate" Episode 8 – As with most new shows I follow (especially withBRAND NEW shows), I will go with a rundown of the premise and primaries:

Traffic Light centers around the friendship of three men who have been friends since college and are now in their 30?s. It’s a "romantic comedy" if we’re trying to be specific, though I’ve seen little in the way of actual romance on the show. Traffic Light was adapted from a like-minded show from across the pond (what show isn’t these days?) called Ramzor. Adir Miller is the responsible entity. It’s sort of in the How I Met Your Mother / Rules of Engagement mindset in that each couple (and the one single dude) are basically in different stages of their lives.

I wish it was half as good as either of those shows. Each character feels like a lesser version of other characters we’ve seen many times before. This show had pretty good buzz for a short bit, so I was hopeful going into it. "Kiss Me Kate" was the first Traffic Light episode I’ve ever seen, so bear with me. Here are the players: Read More...


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