PARENTHOOD “Taking the Leap” Review

PARENTHOOD "Taking the Leap" Season 2 Episode 19 - After a few weeks off, PARENTHOOD is back to put us through the emotional wringer as Kristina and Adam, Sarah, and Jasmine are all faced with the choice of keeping the status quo or "Taking the Leap." Meanwhile Amber and Julia learn they have fewer choices than they thought.

What an interesting twist to have mainstreaming Max back on the table. Kristina is still so shell-shocked by Max’s expulsion from his last school (and who can blame her) that it not only doesn’t occur to her that the parent conference could be positive, but the idea of trying a less "safe" school chills her to the bone. "I’m not afraid." Ha! Of course she is. The exchanges between Kristina and Adam beautifully examine their different perspectives: Kristina the pessimist who values the status quo and steady–if slow–progress vs. Adam who is willing to risk more for bigger rewards. Both completely valid.Parenthood is such an education for me: I never would have considered the inherent difficulty of finding the right balance between social and academic progress in an Asperger’s child. Oh, and Adam, even though Kristina eventually agrees, "Can we agree to talk about this some more later" does not mean, "I’m going to make an appointment at Jabbar and Sydney’s charter school." Read More...


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