NCIS “Tell-All” Review

NCIS "Tell-All" Season 8 Episode 19 – Today was one of those spring days that was simply gorgeous – bright sun, warm breezes, blue skies, etc. So it was kind of fitting that tonight’s episode also had an overall theme of love, weddings and romance. All three were topics of many discussions amongst the members of the team (and by team I do include Fornell).

Speaking of Fornell, it was great seeing him in this episode and I cannot say how much I adore that they’ve turned him and Gibbs into good (if constantly bickering) friends. Looks like having that one ex-wife between them has brought them closer and I like seeing that they’ve obviously been hanging out a lot.

The case Team Gibbs was on this week appeared to be all about a mysterious book, then it seemed to be about illegal weapons trading but in the end, it too was all about love. Lost love that is, when a man murdered his wife and the man he thought she was sleeping with. Read More...


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