Shameless: "Father Frank, Full of Grace" Review

Shameless ended its first season on a strong note, with an episode that brought several plotlines to a head. Ugh, Frank… You had to do it, didn't you? And by "it," I mean Karen. Of course the repercussions for this were huge, especially since the only reason Karen even did it in the first place was because of her anger towards Eddie – which meant Eddie had to see the video for it to "work." Eddie's suicide came as a surprise, in an evocative sequence using some well-placed Cake as background music. By the end of the episode, Karen and Lip had reconciled, but it's hard not to cringe at what's coming, as Karen learns the rather horrible results of her actions. While Shameless remains primarily comedic, I am impressed by how it handles these more dramatic and morbid moments.  Read More...


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