No Ordinary Family: "No Ordinary Future" Review

Steph's unexpected "zoop" through time gives her a glimpse of a frightening future that has her family being hunted by the government. It's a great setup and as the story unfolds we learn that this "future" is only two days removed from the present, making matters all the more urgent. 

Each of the Powells has their own scenario that could lead to their secret being revealed, leaving Steph with the task of finding out which Powell is the one who will put the rest of them in danger. Expectedly, it's Jim, who finds himself preoccupied with the hunt for a ruthless crocked cop. I say expectedly because we've been over this problem previously. Jim needs a mask! Also, I find it a little strange that Jim would toss a car across a crowded street like he did in the original scenario instead of doing what he did in the altered future. The altered future seems like a more realistic approach to stopping the assassin who is trying to kill George.  Read More...


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