TV Review: The Kennedys

Whether hopped up or chilled out on painkillers, philandering compulsively, or being downright rude to Frank Sinatra, the Kennedy family certainly comes off like a dreadful bunch in The Kennedys, a miniseries with a vengeance. The most striking thing about this eight-part production may be the disconnect between its subject and its execution: There's some terrific acting here, but it's done in the service of a hatchet job.

You have to wonder what was going through Greg Kinnear's mind as he portrays John F. Kennedy with such controlled grace while moving through subplots of uncontrolled melodrama. Katie Holmes does a fine job as Jacqueline Kennedy, considering that Jackie's public image consisted primarily of her looking lovely and speaking in a coy, hushed murmur. Barry Pepper, so good in movies such asSaving Private Ryan, performs skillfully around a prosthetic schnoz as Robert F. Kennedy, who's depicted as the real brains of the Kennedy outfit. Read More...,,20477592,00.html


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