American Idol Recap: Did Casey Abrams Redeem Himself? And Who Just Rocked?

The American Idol universe was rocked last week, as it was left to the judges to save the seemingly untouchable Casey Abrams from elimination.

And that means two people are going home Thursday, so Casey had to really bring it tonight, with the name of the game being the music of Sir Elton John, to pull himself out of last and second-to-last place.

Did he manage to redeem himself?

We're going to say...yes. The 20-year-old completely shook it up by slowing it down and showing real range on the quintessential John single "Your Song."

Not only did he set the growl aside for a rainy day, but he hit some lovely, never-heard-from-him-before high notes. We like to think this will keep him out of second-to-last place.

"One decision I didn't lose an ounce of sleep over was saving you," Jennifer Lopez informed the comeback kid.

And, happily, most of the Top 11 had a great night—though we're going to give John a huge chunk of credit for that. His songs are just so singable, and, as we said, most of the contestants were able to avoid corny parodies and truly embrace the great music.

But who looked a gift horse in the mouth and laughed in its face?


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