The Game: "It Was Just A Dream..."

At least fans of The Game wished it was all just a dream...

Last night marked the show's fourth season finale after BET saved it from cancellation hell, but the fans were left with the bitter taste of asphalt in their mouth with the finale as well as the entire season.

Having caught up with the show right before the fourth season premiere, I was scared that there would be some part of me that wouldn't have a complete grasp on the characters or the tone of the show. But after watching this season in its entirety, I could still see a major departure from what the show once was. I've had numerous conversations with fans, old and new, who had given up on the show since the new episodes began airing on BET. Some of the complaints, besides the writing and tone, mostly dealt with the core six characters either being caricatures of themselves, background props, or even nonexistent to the point of not caring anymore. Then there is the talk of the show becoming a hot bed for every black stereotype imaginable, but personally I feel as if that was there from the beginning, but I digress.

The bottom line is that fans of The Game were not impressed with these new 13 episodes and have cried foul by dropping the show from their appointment TV schedules. However, they did keep up with the show's storylines through word of mouth or reruns/DVR recordings, both of which doesn't help the show in the ratings which bled from it's record breaking 7.7 million debut to 3.53 million viewers last week. Those are still good numbers allegedly for a cable series, but it's a far cry from the hoopla and hype that lead to the show's fourth season premiere back in January. Read More...


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