'Survivor' recap: Scoop of the Crispy

I was wrong. But in my defense, Jeff Probst was wrong too.  After I spoke with Sarita prior to the start of Survivor: Redemption Island, I saw a breakout character. Not necessarily a great player, mind you, but I thought she would be a blast to watch. She told me all about how she was discovered by casting while "taking margaritas to the face" and how she started developing a cold sore while being interviewed by Mark Burnett and therefore named it, yes, "Mark Burnett." She was so candid, offbeat, and quirky, I thought we had a sound bite machine in the making, much like my other pre-game favorite interview — Francesca. Francesca lived up to her billing in her brief showing, but it never quite happened for Sarita. Not sure why. Probst loved her from his interactions in casting as well. Obviously she showed us something that — once she was left out in the elements — quickly disappeared. It happens. People that are full of vim and vigor often find themselves unable to summon the strength to be funny and entertaining when deprived of creature comforts. Read More...



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