'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: One Final Meal

This is it. The Top Chef All-Stars finale. The final of the (apparently never-ending) finals. Only two cheftestants remain to contend for the Top Chef title. Will it be Richard or will it be Mike?

Let's find out!

We begin, as always, where we left off. The two remaining cheftestants discuss the loss of Antonia. They don't seem terribly upset. At this point, who can blame them? It is the end game and all. Most of their energy is directed at each other instead.

Padma and Tom amble in to congratulate them and to set up the next challenge. This time, they will need to create the Restaurant of Their Dreams.

But first, we get to reminisce about the past. Richard's many, many wins are recounted. Mike's fewer wins (but bigger ego) follow in short order. Basically, the gist is that both cheftestants have a shot. Which they definitely do. Read More....



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