Drama Strikes Tree Hill

Oh My Freaking Gosh! Season six is a box full of surprises! The 5th episode was so intriguing i almost peed my pants! Okay, maybe not that bad, but I freaking love this show! Everything is falling into place, even for Dan! Now that Nanny Carrie is gone, I won't freak out every time a new episode airs. I enjoy Jamie very much. He's exciting & so cute! Five stars for his performance! Nathan & Haley needs some Drama in their lives, I mean together that is. It's always neat to see them face things together! Great story from Mark Schwan! He's right! We will see more of Q even if he did die. So Suddenly I might add! I love Peyton! & Brooke is doing really well, considering her situation before. He mother is a bitch! I hate it! But Brooke is pulling through. Seeing Lindsey on this last episode, I was surprised to see such a connection between her and Lucas, but it's all good. His book is fantastic! Nathan should take the job as the coach, even if he's not playing, at least he'll be coaching an NBA team! Instead of a high school team. The team is great but Nathan needs this. I wonder what will happen with Dan now. That was some intense stuff! Go Nanny Deb for saving the day! I love it. I guess I will wait for more & see which way it goes!


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