'American Idol' recap: Haley and the Jets

Welcome back to American Idol. It's Elton John week, and Ryan has awkwardly short comb-over bangs. So not Don Draper. So not fetch. Keep dreaming, Seacrest!

Gotta say, I appreciated how narrow the theme was this week. My my, isn't that Elton looking mighty thin lately? I liked hearing songs I knew very well in a more coherent jumble than usual. Sometimes the random song selections of broader theme weeks come together as a playlist you'd force yourself to listen to until you completed some treacherous task, like cleaning your bathroom, or paying your obscene cable bill, or shopping online until you found the same pre-Memorial Day white pants as Steven Tyler. Plus, I could always use a reminder of how amazing Elton John is. So talented. A true artist. Wise. Iconic. Fashionable. Knighted. Read More...



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