Desperate Housewives Is Finally Back!

After watching the last episode of season four, I was really anxious for season five. It was a good ending and now thing ( in season five) are really pulling together and making sense! I don't like what randomly happened to Susan and Mike but at first I thought Mike had died, but really they aren't together anymore because of what happened. I think it's quite hilarious that Brian from Queer as Folk plays Susan's lover. It's funny, because his role in Queer as Folk was a gay guy who didn't want a relationship and now he's begging Susan for one. I just loved that. I was wondering where that actor went! I love that Lynette's boys are grown up. They are cute and they can now actually become a bigger part in Desperate Housewives. I always saw a side of Bree, I'm not so sure I would have wanted to see last season, but this season is full of surprises! Edie has her own husband and is becoming a character I like! Something is strange with her husband though. I guess we will all find out. Let's not forget Katharine and how she shot her ex-husband last season. I can't wait until Dylan comes back into the picture and she can understand completely about what happened. It was shocking and nothing like I thought It would be, but I liked the results! Can't wait for me. It's addicting!


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