'Top Chef' season finale recap: Best Enemies Forever

All season long, the two finalists of Top Chef: All-Stars have suffered and gained from nearly oppositional twitches. From the start, Blais has been a Citizen of Blais' Head. As talented as he is, he's always on the brink of crying/throwing up/wishing he'd never been born. Mike Isabella, on the other hand, is fairly confident that he's the greatest human ever. Even his former difficulties are wonderful in his mind, because they symbolize how far he's come. As a result, he doesn't exercise any restraint over himself, and ends up doing things like flicking boogers at the people around him. Heeheehee, he says afterward. Not what you'd call a likable talent.

Luckily, the judges never seemed to take into account Mike's boorishness, and last night came off as an objective fight, dish against dish, personalities be damned. Which meansBlais won fair and square, the neurotic mess. And it just felt right. Read More...



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