OFF THE MAP “Hold On Tight” Review

OFF THE MAP "Hold On Tight" Season 1 Episode 12 – I’m not exactly sure when it happened but somewhere along the line while watching this show, Mina became my favorite character. Well, at least she’s my favorite character so far. Much like everyone else on the show, the reasons she’s working in a jungle clinic and not in some sleek modern hospital are dark and angsty. But unlike everyone else, I’m seeing changes in her. She’s slowly evolving from the cold, apparently heartless woman that she once was. Things actually affect her now, she gets nervous, she gets excited, and it’s all fun to watch.

It’s funny to me that I say that when one of the main elements of this episode was that Mina was the one that Ryan chose as her primary doc because of her lack of emotion. And yes, she did do an amazing job at saving Ryan’s life while Zita (her good friend) was freaking out and had he been there, Ben (her boyfriend) I’m sure would have been freaking out too. But what Ryan didn’t see later was Mina having a small breakdown after all that happened. So while I admired her work in with that guide wire, I also loved the fact that she broke down about it later and needed Pher to cheer her up. Both speak to just the kind of person that she is and is becoming. Read More...


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