LAW & ORDER: SVU “Totem” Review

LAW & ORDER: SVU "Totem" Season 12 Episode 20 – So the magical parade of guest stars continues through they alleyways and quiet city streets of Law & Order: SVU World. Every episode is now a showcase for a SuperDuperGuestStarOfAweInspiringProportion. Or two. The show trots ‘em out and tries to make something—anything—cause a stir in the increasingly dull SVU air.

The show lucked out this week and found a few decent ones. And far be it for me to declare Jeremy Irons a good actor … (I’ll never forgive him for Dungeons & Dragons: the Movie.) (Ever.) (Eh-verrr.) … his turn as Dr. Cap Jackson, the resident sex therapist, wasn’t by and large horrible. In fact, it showed what Irons could do when he’s given a subtle part to play. You know, subtle. Like his screaming, slavering, slobbering wanker of a villain in Dungeons & Dragons: the Movie was not. Read More...


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