JUSTIFIED “The Spoil” Review

JUSTIFIED "The Spoil" Season 2 Episode 8 – I keep thinking that Raylan has already had some bad days, but just when I think they can’t get worse, he has another one that’s just as bad as all the rest. First off he finds out that his boss knows about the money that Winona took (and subsequently returned) and decides to drink away his sorrows. Bad idea. The next morning he’s assigned to protect Carol (aka Boyd’s new boss from the mining company) and not only is he hung over as all get out, but gets his ass kicked to boot. Come to think of it, those two situations probably go hand in hand, seeing as how I don’t think Raylan would’ve let Coover get the jump on him had he not been running at less than one hundred percent.

Meanwhile, Boyd has (temporarily at least) turned into a regular business man. He’s going door to door but rather than selling, he’s the one buying. Land that is. The mining company hires him to go and ask people to give up their land so that they can tear the mountain up and suck every bit of coal out of it. Read More...



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