Brothers & Sisters Are The Current Kennedy's

It's True. I love this family so much. Their flaws and all. & With Sally Field as the mom...It makes me love it that much more. It has all you need. Complications, financial problems, conflicts, politics, family crisis, love stories, grudges and more! I love the whole family to pieces. They have Kevin,(& Scotty) who is gay & everybody needs a gay person in their family. It makes it fun! Then they have Tommy, who has is issues but the family still shows they care, even when they are mad. Then there is Kitty! She's not my favorite, but I like her conflicts and how her and her mother have political views. & Robert, played by the handsome, Rob Lowe. It's Amazing. I Love Justin & Rebecca, no matter how awkward it gets, I still love them! & Sarah is by far my favorite next to Norah. I don't like Holly At all. But That's Just Me. & Then Again she adds Drama! The season started out great as most of the fall series have :) yay! Can't wait for more!


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