Review: Jeremy Irons Brings Charisma to 'The Borgias'

If you saw 'The Tudors,' what transpires on 'The Borgias' (9PM ET Sunday, Showtime) won't come as much of a shock. Bodices are ripped, blasphemies are prosecuted, and the rich get richer -- when they're not killing each other, that is.
It's another dose of middlebrow history with a soup├žon of smuttiness, but the difference here is that 'The Borgias' has a much better cast than 'The Tudors' ever did.
'The Tudors' had a number of good supporting actors, but at the center of that show was the leaden, one-dimensional performance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who appeared to think that pasting a mild sneer on his face constituted "acting." 'The Borgias,' on the other hand, has Jeremy Irons' steely portrayal at its core, and his velvety magnetism allows the viewer to pardon quite a few of this period drama's lesser sins (even if a few serious sins remain). Read More...


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