The Kennedys Mini-Series Review

Earlier this week I debunked many of the supposed controversial scenes that would appear in The Kennedys mini-series, which will be premiering on ReelzChannel (read that article). The truth is, The Kennedys shouldn’t be considered controversial. I’m not certain if the mini-series was re-edited or whether those controversial scenes were never even filmed, but the finished mini-series is a portrait of the family that spans several decades.

It also appears that a lot of critics are divided about the quality of the series.  They also point out whether liberals or conservatives like or dislike it.  I don't really see what that has to do with it one way or the other, but in the interest of full disclosure, while the Canadian political party system is different from that in the U.S., I consider myself to be a liberal.  I also liked this mini-series.  Was it perfect?  No.  Was it repetitive?  Yes.  Was everyone flawless in their acting?  No.  But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. Read More...


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