The Borgias Review: Four Reasons You Should be Watching & a Character Guide

On April 3, The Borgias will be premiering on Showtime in the United States and on Bravo in Canada.  Neil Jordan, the Oscar winning writer of The Crying Game, is the showrunner of this new historical drama.

The Borgias focuses on the Spanish family headed by Rodrigo Borgia in 15th century Italy.  Rodrigo worked his way up the political ladder of the Roman Catholic Church to become Pope Alexander VI.  Four of his children are featured in the show: sons Cesare, Juan, and Joffre and daughter Lucrezia.  Rodrigo isn't married, but his long-time mistress Vanozza is the mother of his children.  Unfortunately, when he finally manages to get himself elected Pope, he tells Vanozza he can no longer share her bed, although this doesn't stop him from taking on a new, younger mistress named Guilia Farnese. Read More....


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