Review: Tim Hill’s 'HOP'ing Latest Rarely Reaches High Altitude, But Works Its Visual Magic

At first glance ‘HOP’ is way too familiar, right? Live action film with talking rodents who interact and coexist with humans. Hmm… haven’t we seen that before? Oh, yeah, The Chipmunks! Remember those little annoying bundles of joy? It’s no secret the déjà vu feeling is apparent considering Director Tim Hill is behind this Easter-based story of fictional dreams and living them up, along side the creators of ‘DESPICABLE ME’ (2010). Cute, ey? Well, yeah, to a certain degree, and with the successes of the films created by those involved with ‘HOP,’ why wouldn’t they have a winner with this one as well? 

Nowadays, this kind of movie "magic" no longer "Wows" anyone, so if there’s something that needs to be on point when piecing these films together is: One, the script and two, cast! Read More...


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