'Chaos' Advance Review

For personal reasons, spy series have always intrigued me. And we've seen that humor can mix with espionage (see Burn Notice). So why is Chaos neither intriguing nor funny?

For one, it's just too cute. Like the main character, fresh-faced CIA newbie Rick Martinez (Freddy Rodriguez), the entire pilot is overeager. It's trying too hard to be funny, which has the effect of making it painfully not funny. For example, I gather that we're supposed to be amused that we're talking about Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services, because we can call it CHAOS, which is also the title of the show - but all I can think is that someone is pleased with themselves for making up a cute acronym. This is a trend throughout. It feels as if everyone is very aware that they're making a sitcom, and they're trying to go from one joke to the next, hoping that if they throw enough material at you, something will work. Read more...



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