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This season is pleasing me more and more as I watched every conflict and every dramatic stunt every member of Gossip Girl pulls. In a way, I am glad Dan & Serena are not together anymore. I hate how Serena is now, but honestly I don't care. I like Blair & Chuck more than ever! Chuck is deceiving and sexy as always. I love how Blair is not the Queen Bee Anymore! She's good where she is at. But it kills her not to be above all. Serena is mean. I've never seen this side of her but new it was always in her. Rufus is driving me insane, and I know he still loves Lily, but it can't be. Now that she is married to the idiot, Bart! I feel bad for Chuck. He really does have a soft side. I love him though! Jenny is thriving with every curve she's forced to dodge. I love her so much! Nate is fabulous & sexy of course! Vanessa and him belong together & now that Catherine is gone, Thank God!, I can't wait to see them blossom. Hopefully! Great season so far!


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Oct 7, 2008 1:13PM EDT

Things are bound to get interesting IF Blair *stays* dethroned (how coold a plot twist would it be?) without fighting her way back the second time. She would have to create a new identity and that would be something interesting to see.I don't understand why Nate was so mad at both Chuck and Vanessa when they were clearly looking out for him. I didn't buy the anger, he didn't even yell (was it the actor, script or director?).Bart I actually kind of like, despite him being a crappy dad. He and Chuck are so similar, they've both got a P.I. on speed dial :) Dan and Serena aren't a good fit. They can't deal with conflicts, so they go seperate ways, thank you. Dan is fun when he's not being such a strict person and babying Serena, who just can't take fault even if she deserves it.

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