Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #25 - Review

Something very strange is happening. As Mekibos flees back to the White Star, suddenly the outer shell explodes. At the same moment, Axel is ordered to return to base by Lemon, whose transmission is suddenly cut off. Kyousuke wants to stop him from escaping, but he too is ordered to pull back. Indeed, something very strange is happening. As Shadow Mirror fight off the Einst inside the White Star, Wendolo suddenly appears, except that he is acting strangely. It would appear that Wendolo has been possessed by the Einst. Our heroes take this occasion to rearm and re-equip their units. Excellen can sense a powerful Einst presence inside. Mekibos finds Wendolo, and when he realizes that his younger brother has joined with the Einst, he tries to finish him off, but Wendolo is too powerful for him. After killing his brother, Wendolo decides that it's time to finish off "the other bloodline," probbaly a reference to Kyousuke.  Read More...


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