Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Episode #11 - Review

With this episode of the series, the show takes a bit of a quiet turn for a lot of it after recent events that have put a strain on the relationships between all the characters. It does start off in an interesting way as we see Ayumu's body pull itself back together, which is pretty creepy but also a good reminder for those girls still with him that he definitely has his own issues that they sometimes forget since he seems so normal. For Ayumu, it's another element of the way he's so disconnected in a way as he retreats into himself, which leads to a series of interesting discussions with the mental version of the girls as they beat the snot out of him physically and verbally over the way he's become. Ayumu's not an overly strong guy, but he's not a pushover either, but he's been beaten down enough at this point to be more susceptible to things. Read More...



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