Bleach Episode #314 - Review

After a few episodes dealing with events in the Soul Society that were kind of light, Bleach spends some time back on Earth for this episode as Kon kicks things off, which means it's going to be kind of humorous. Having it start off with him admiring a young woman who is lost outside of the Kurosaki residence, noting the beauty of her watermelons of unusual size, Kon's in love, or lust as the case may be, since he's simply so frustrated about being stuck at home so much. Lucky him then that Ichigo is called away so he gets to take over Ichigo's body. There's a telling moment about what Kon's life is like as he's running along the bridge a little later and they add in Flintstone's style sound effects to his slowing up his run when he sees the woman there about to jump. Read More...


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