Hetalia: World Series Episode #37-39 - Review

Hetalia at times has managed to do the soft and serious moments but they've been few and far between. The opening of this batch of episodes has a curious encounter happening in the middle of a snowy day along a bridge with a young boy standing off to the side with a cat. The child-like nature of it is interesting because you wonder where they're going to go with it, but it's all just fluff in the end as part of the various endings that you can't actually use for anything. Thankfully, we get some good physical comedy thrown into the mix when it gets back to the core cast as we see Russia giving Italy a good punch to the gut (does he need a reason? No) and general silliness. It's all meaningless in the end and it sort of makes you feel like you didn't get anything fun out of the episode overall. Read More...



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