Wandering Son Episode #10 - Review

Shu's attempt at going to school dressed up in Takatsuki's school uniform has not gone well with the teachers taking them all into the office to talk about it. The teachers actually take some of the blame themselves, citing their allowing of the theme for the culture festival, but Sarashina is very quick to point out that it has nothing to do with that and that it's all just what they wanted to do themselves. Shu is actually more forthright about it than I expected him to be by saying plainly that he's always wanted to do it. Unfortunately, it all cycles back to his house when Shu's friend explains what happened and Shu makes it clear that he really doesn't want to go to school anymore because of how he's being singled out. With others having changed from girls into boys uniforms, only he's getting grief over doing it himself and it's making him curl up into himself a bit. Read More...



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