'Archer' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap

Every week on 'Archer,' we learn a bit more about the characters who inhabit the ISIS offices. This week, we got a bumper crop of interesting intel. A brief rundown of the high points goes something like this:

• Pam is awesome.

• Ray, along with Pam, is one of the few ISIS employees who has something approaching a moral center.

• Cheryl is not just an incompetent, glue-sniffing secretary, she's also the heiress to half a billion dollars, give or take $50 million.

• Cheryl also owns an ocelot. Duh!

We learned nothing new about Malory in this episode: We already knew that she is one hell of a cheapskate -- when it comes to employees, that is. If it's office decor we're talking about, she's willing to spend top dollar to get the perfect table for her conference room. Pam, a loyal employee, is worth 5K to Malory. And no, I don't believe she was willing to budge on that number. Read More...



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