'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Tuning In and Tuning Out

First, the good news: Grey's Anatomy's highly anticipated, and deeply confounding, musical episode wasn't fatal. I think the drama, which has been damn good this season for seven years in, can recover from any damage suffered during this bizarro turn into Glee territory. (It certainly gives one a whole new appreciation for how tough it must be for Glee to pull this off every week.) Now the not-so-good news. To paraphrase the great Randy Jackson: Yo yo,Grey's Anatomy, for me, for you, for me, it started out weird, then it got pitchy in the middle, then it was kind-of an incomprehensible mess, but you pulled off a great finish. Song choice, Seattle Grace. Song choice. I say this as a person who likes Grey's Anatomy, musicals, karaoke, and out-of-body-near-death experiences very, very much: It was okay once for fun, and I'm psyched that I now get to write a recap where I grade song performances, like the cool Glee recappers. But let's not do this again, shall we? Read More...



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