'American Idol' Recap: Thia And Naima Go Home On A Revamped Results Show

It only took them ten seasons, but the ‘Idol’ producers finally got it right.

Last night’s results show was the first in the show’s history that didn’t seem forced; didn’t seem like two-thirds filler, and didn’t feel like we were just sloughing through the hour while we waited for the 90 seconds we actually want to see. This was a results show that moved through swiftly with segments we actually wanted to watch.

And it was so simple: Just divide the group performances into several parts. Instead of trotting all the contestants out for one lame lip-synched choreography train, just put them into their little elimination groups for some solid performances and break up the show that way.

This change allowed for something interesting in every segment of the show, and the elimination of those endless 10-minute blocs that consisted of nothing more than Ryan reading names or overblown product advertisements masquerading as "looks inside The Idols’ lives." This was a results show that I could look forward to watching every week. Even if there’s the chance the show could include Fantasia looking and sounding alarmingly bad and Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am singing what may be the worst song of all time. Read More...



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