PRIVATE PRACTICE “The Hardest Part” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE "The Hardest Part" Season 4 Episode 18 – Pete’s mother is brought into the hospital after his brother follows her wishes and poisons here so that she can get out of prison. When it turns out that the poison has done too good a job and she is dying, it forces Pete to face things he has been trying to avoid. He finally forgives his mother but doing that opens up the doors to letting him actually feel the pain of her loss, especially after he sees what could have been between her and his own son. I was happy that he got to resolve it but my heart went out to him as well.

Sheldon and Violet share a group of patients, teenage girls who joined in a pregnancy pact together, when her book becomes a problem. I totally agreed with Sheldon that a patient shouldn’t go to see a doc they already have an opinion about (especially a bad opinion), but in the end she worked it out with one of them and the knowledge the girl had about Violet’s past actually brought them closer. Color me wrong. Read More...


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