THE MENTALIST “The Red Mile” Review

THE MENTALIST "The Red Mile" Season 3 Episode 18 – If you’d told me at the beginning of this episode that by the end of it I would be a sniffling mess, I would have thought you were nuts.

This one started out just like every other episode, Jane tormenting someone (coroner Steiner) and figuring out obscure details about their victim, his family, etc. Only this time the team gets themselves a temporary extra member when the body of their victim is stolen from the coroner. Jane invites him along to help with the case and soon he has his very own shadow, taking Steiner with him when he pokes around the victim’s home and basically showing him a fun time.

Before I really had a chance to ponder why Jane was suddenly being so nice, Steiner himself catches on and we find out that he’s dying and Jane’s doing all this to keep his mind off of morbid thoughts. Read More...


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